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Are you grappling with the complexities of Self Assessment Tax returns as a self-employed individual or sole trader? Taxxbook, your essential basic bookkeeping software provider, is here to revolutionise your tax preparation experience.

Understanding Self Assessment

A Self Assessment Tax return is HMRC's method to collect Income Tax and National Insurance in the UK. While employees have taxes automatically deducted, individuals with additional income from freelance, self-employment, or side-hustles must report it through Self Assessment. In simple terms, self assessment means you assess your earnings and expenses, sending what you owe directly to HMRC.

Individuals Who Need To File Self Assessment Tax Return

Filing a self assessment tax return is necessary if you are:

Self-employed with yearly income over £1,000

Running a small business or registered as a sole trader

Earning over £1,000 as a corporate partner

Earning over £100,000 as employment income

Earning a rental income or untaxed income over £2,500

Obligated to pay Capital Gains Tax

Earning a high income and claiming Child Benefit

Having the State Pension as the sole income over the personal allowance

Receiving a P800 indicating insufficient tax payment last year

Other than this, directors of limited companies may also need to complete a Self Assessment based on income and tax status.

Features Of Our Basic Bookkeeping Software:

Intuitive Expense Categorisation

Our Basic Bookkeeping Software revolutionises expense management with an intuitive categorisation system. At Taxxbook, we understand the importance of a user-friendly interface. That is why we have designed a solution that allows you to effortlessly categorise expenses, ensuring a streamlined process for self tax-assessment. Say goodbye to the confusion of manual sorting—our system simplifies the task, making it efficient and error-free.

Real-Time Financial Insights

Our software ensures that you stay ahead of your tax responsibilities by providing you access to real-time data. It provides instant Income Tax and National Insurance estimates, giving you a dynamic view of your financial standing whenever you require it.

Efficient Expense Management Tools

Our Basic Bookkeeping Software leverages innovative tools, such as a mileage tracker and receipt capture feature, to make data entry simple and efficient. Data input doesn’t have to be a cumbersome task anymore; now you can snap receipts on the go, let our system capture the details, and effortlessly manage expenses.

Tailored Business Performance Tracking

Understanding your business performance is key to making strategic decisions. Our software goes beyond generic reports; it offers custom reports tailored for self tax-assessment. It allows you to tag expenses, invoices, and income to track different projects seamlessly. Whether you're using a mobile, tablet, or laptop, our system ensures that your business performance insights are always at your fingertips.

Why Choose Taxxbook For Your Basic Bookkeeping Software Needs?

As a team of expert software developers at Taxxbook, we understand the critical role technology plays in simplifying complex processes. That is why we use cutting edge technology to revolutionise the self assessment experience for individuals like you. Let's explore what makes us the go-to solution for hassle-free bookkeeping:

Intuitive Interface For Hassle-Free Self Assessment

Our Basic Bookkeeping Software’s user-friendly interface transforms the daunting task of Self Assessment into a seamless experience. Its simple and intuitive interface allows you to effortlessly claim every allowable expense while staying compliant with HMRC. Our system's robust calculation capabilities provide accurate figures, ensuring a stress-free tax submission.

Real-Time Updates For Financial Confidence

In the dynamic world of self-employment, staying informed is key. Our software empowers you with real-time updates on your financial status. This facilitates proactive planning and helps you avoid any tax-related surprises.

Efficient Expense Management For Time Savings

Data entry can be a significant and time consuming task. At Taxxbook, we address this pain point with an innovative mileage tracker and receipt capture feature. Our software’s seamless integration allows you to snap receipts on the go, making tracking your expenses effortless. This not only saves time but also ensures that every allowable expense is effortlessly claimed with just a few swipes.

Insightful Business Performance Tracking

For a self-employed individual, understanding business performance is crucial. Our software provides custom reports tailored to your unique needs. It allows you to tag expenses, invoices, and income seamlessly, allowing you to keep track of different projects efficiently, whether you are using a mobile, tablet, or laptop.

Expert Support Embedded In The System

At Taxxbook, we understand that software is only as good as its support system. That is why we have an in-build assistance in all our software, which ensures that you receive timely help whether you have questions about your tax return or need assistance with the software.

Ensure Accuracy, Ease, And Confidence With Taxxbook

Accurate bookkeeping doesn’t have to be a headache for self-employed individuals anymore. Our Basic Bookkeeping Software prioritises user experience and efficiency, offering you real time insights and protection against errors with its robust documentation and bookkeeping practices. Say goodbye to stress, sign up with us at Taxxbook, and embrace a smooth, efficient Self Assessment process.